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Trial Lessons & Observation Guide

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For most people the image of karate is probably that of fear, pain and danger, but the goal of Chito-Ryu karate is to develop a sound mind and body with the use of protective gear when doing kumite. If you see and experience what kind of training is actually done you will find that even you yourself will be able to do it and the parts you feel uneasy about can be resolved.

Please feel free to discuss with someone if you have concerns that maybe you lack some body strength and/or confidence. Both men and women of all ages from 4 years of age to adults can observe a class and/or experience a trail lesson free of charge.

It is my recommendation that Chito-Ryu karate is a good way to develop the bodies of youth and is a good part of their education. It is also good for those who lack confidence in their physical strength due to a lack of exercise.

Please kindly consult our staff members in charge of such matters and they will politely and kindly respond.

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